What Dianne is Reading – What Communities Can Do for the Growing Numbers of People with Dementia and How Keiro Can Help

In this feature of the Genki Living® blog, I would like to share with you helpful articles, interesting research, and useful health information that I came across recently. The National Alliance for Caregiving on August 23, 2016, featured a story about a Japanese city’s community approach to deal with the increasing numbers of people with…

What Dianne is Reading: Take Me to Rodger Young Auditorium (Although I have Alzheimer’s)

  According to many of the attendees at the recent Genki Conference: Caregiver’s Edition,  one of the most profound lessons learned at the Conference was something that keynote speaker, Frances Kakugawa,  related about “entering the world” of the care recipient.  Bob DeMarco of the Alzheimer’s Reading Room calls this parallel world, “Alzheimer’s World.”