Blogging Guidelines

The Genki Living blog welcomes guest bloggers, as long as their content relates to the eight dimensions of well-being: physical, occupational, financial, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental. Common topics on the blog include: health literacy, women’s health, Alzheimer’s disease, caregiving, Japanese and Japanese American culture, technology, and public health.


Guest bloggers guidelines:

Blogger Profile:

  • First and last name
  • Your organization and title (if applicable)
  • Photo (headshot) – file must be less than …. MB and in png, gif, jpeg formats
  • A brief bio of yourself
  • Website: if you wish to have us link to a professional website of your choice
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, other social media sites: If you would like Keiro to link to your profile(s) on our blog, please provide with a URL or handle.


Posting Process:

  • Please submit your first draft by e-mail or to our mailing address at least a week in advance of the desired posting date. We will review and edit your post.
  • If Keiro makes significant changes to your blog post, we will contact you for clarification and final approval before posting it.



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