What is Dianne Reading – Caregiving Crisis Here and in Japan

In this feature of the Genki Living® blog, I would like to share with you helpful articles, interesting research, and useful health information that I came across in the past week.

November is National Family Caregivers Month.  The 2016 Presidential Proclamation from The White House, states, during this month, “…we reaffirm our support for those who give of themselves to be there for their family, friends, and neighbors in challenging times, and we pledge to carry forward the progress we have made in our health care system and workplaces to give caregivers the resources and flexibility they need.”


Today almost 1 in 3 Japanese Americans is a caregiver. But family caregiving is not a challenge faced only by the over 34 million Americans who have provided unpaid care to an older adult in the last year—it is a challenge faced by people all over the world

Japanese men haven’t traditionally been caregivers. But for Masami Hayata, it’s a crucial part of raising his family. This is Hayata-san’s story, “Taller Than the Trees”, as highlighted by the New York Times.

Hayata-san’s story reminds us why KEIRO has focused on support of caregivers as one of our three core program areas.  Through our Genki Living® Programs which includes classes, courses, and conferences; through our new grants program ; and through our strategic partnerships; we hope work towards a time when everyone in Our Community lives a healthy and fulfilling life. Find out more at: www.keiro.org

To read about KEIRO’s Genki Conference: Caregiver’s Edition held in Pasadena in June of this year, click this link.

Helpful links for Caregivers:

Caregiver Action Network

Family Caregiver Alliance

National Alliance for Caregiving

VA Caregiver Support


About the Author: 

Dianne Kujubu BelliDianne Kujubu Belli in lobby is the Chief Administrative Officer of Keiro. Dianne stays genki by doing cardio and light weight training four days a week at the gym and dances Argentine tango.




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