Keiro in the Community: Supporting OCO and Tanaka Farms HARVESTING HOPE 2016

On March 11, 2011, people around the world watched in despair as a 9.0 magnitude earthquake rocked the country of Japan.  Often referred to as the ‘Great East Japan earthquake’ or the ‘Tohoku Earthquake’, it quickly claimed the lives of almost 16,000 people, injured more than 6,000, left 2,500 missing and displaced more than 340,000 individuals.

More than 5000 miles away in Orange County, Farmer Glen Tanaka witnessed the destruction and aftermath of the earthquake and pursuing tsunami.  Seeing images of farmland being torn apart, he, alongside the Orange Coast Optimist Club, sponsored the first annual ‘Walk the Farm’ fundraiser.  For the past 5 years, the ‘Walk the Farm’ fundraiser has helped send financial and emotional support to Japanese farmers who have suffered from the effects of the Tohoku Earthquake.


Keiro has had the privilege to help volunteer with this eventover the years.  As many members of Our Community have family members who were directly affected by the Tohoku Earthquake, supporting the ‘Walk the Farm’ event allows us to help out with a notable cause as well as address the needs of emotional wellbeing.

This year’s ‘Walk the Farm’ fundraiser will be held this upcoming Saturday, June 18th at Tanaka farms, and this year Keiro will be in charge of running the Carrot Booth!  Luckily we are one of the first booths you will see during the tour, so you will not have to wait too long to see us.  Besides being some of the best tasting carrots you will ever have (All of Tanaka Farms produce is amazing), we are happy to be passing out the carrots because they contain several health benefits.  Here are a couple of for you to chew on.

  • Carrots are a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin K, Biotin, Fiber, Potassium and Thiamine.
  • Studies show that eating carrots can lower the risk of breast cancer, lunch cancer and colon cancer.
  • Consuming carrots regularly can lower cholesterol levels.

We look forward to seeing you all this upcoming Saturday, June 18th at the ‘Walk the Farm’ fundraiser.  If you haven’t already, please take the time to register for the event online.

walk the farm 1

Keiro staff and interns participating at the 2015 Walk the Farm

Keiro appreciates and celebrates the many organizations and groups that support and build community. We value collaboration and welcome partnership opportunities to support the wellbeing of Our Community. Click here to see a list of Collaborating Organizations.

For more information on Orange Coast Optimist Club click here.

For more information on Tanaka Farms click here.

Founded in 1961, Keiro is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of senior life in Our Community. Our organization provides resources, tools, and culturally sensitive programs to help older adults age on their own terms and live with dignity, vitality and confidence. We also support caregivers with problem-solving approaches to manage some of their toughest challenges.  Find out more at our website.


About the Author: 


Kevin Onishi is the Community Engagement Specialist at Keiro.  He attended the University of California at Irvine where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Health Policy.  In his spare time, Kevin stays genki by being an accomplished amateur food critic, a Golden State Warrior fan, and his parents’ favorite child.  Additionally, Kevin is an avid golfer and a frequent gym visitor.

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