Keiro Has Some Holiday Recipe Ideas For You!


The holidays are just around the corner! I’ve started to notice that I go to the grocery store pretty often now as I keep forgetting to buy certain ingredients that I need over the holidays (thank goodness Keiro offers Memory Kai!) The other day, I was having a conversation with a woman who was also waiting at the checkout line and she was mentioning how she still doesn’t know what type of appetizers to make for her holiday party. She did seem a little flustered that she didn’t have “enough time”. I was telling her about my background as a Japanese person and I mentioned that we have an online recipe book on our website. Then I started to explain about how in our Japanese culture, we like to pass down our family’s legacy including the food that we eat. She looked at me and said, “I’m European, of course I should know that!” so I gave her our Keiro “Recipes My Mother Taught Me” (RMMTM for short) web address and she was really excited to see what our community members have come up with!


If you are still thinking of what you wanted to make for appetizers, main dish or desserts, these women have your back! Check out Keiro’s “Recipes My Mother Taught Me” web page here to access the recipes! You can click for a printable version or the online version.

Let us know how you did in the comment section below – share your photos on Facebook too!


Did you know that all of the submitted RMMTM  are posted on the blog? Check out in our category section, Recipes My Mother Taught Me, to have access to all the fabulous recipes!


Holiday Tip 3 2015

The holidays are the perfect season to eat A LOT, especially because there are so many delicious foods on the dinner table. What I personally enjoy about portion control is that you can still eat the things that you love (for me that includes desserts!) but just less of it – I really enjoy the concept of not limiting or restraining myself from eating something that I love to eat that is not necessarily “healthy”. The Dairy Council of California has some great resources on how to keep your portions in check. You can check out the helpful portion control chart here.

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IMG_6184Mei Kameda is the Program Coordinator at Keiro. She graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health Science (option in Community Health Education) and a minor in Communication Studies. In her spare time, Mei enjoys going on runs, baking, and volunteering which are a few of the many activities that allow her to live her life on purpose.


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