Guest Blogger: Walter Morita Shares His “Walk with Ease” Experience at Keiro

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“Self-motivation to succeed, and seeing results along the way, motivated me to continue even further.”

– Walter Morita, Keiro staff and Walk with Ease Participant

The Walk with Ease is a program that was developed by our friends at the Arthritis Foundation. The program’s message is that no matter what your health condition (whether you have arthritis or not), walking is the golden tool to promote a healthier lifestyle. Walking is something that is underrated since most of us do naturally and don’t think much about it. This self-directed program allows participants to take control of their own health by managing and deciding themselves when, where, and how long they walk throughout their week. Keiro was able to offer this 6-week program to our staff (a total of 175 employees!). I would like to introduce you all to Walter Morita, one of our valuable staff members here at Keiro:



  • Could you tell us who you are and what your role is at the organization?
    I am an IT Support Specialist. My primary responsibilities include management of computer network, servers, workstations, applications, and tech support for the Keiro facilities.

Program Benefits/Potential Benefits:

  • Why were you interested in participating in the Walk with Ease Program at Keiro?
    To commit myself into maintaining a longer duration of cardio in my daily workouts.
  • What do you see as the benefits of a walking program to your organization?
    Healthier, happier employees, with a sense of accomplishment, and greater productivity at work and at home.
  • What do you see as the common health and safety issues impacting employees at work and your general lives?
    Being over an ideal weight and/or unmotivated to exercise could lead to lower self-esteem, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and greater risk of injury when performing physically demanding tasks.


Walk with Ease Program:

  • Have you always been making a conscious effort to walk?
  • What is your favorite place or route to walk?
    The gym! Having a variety of equipment to choose from and convenience of built-in timer makes this an easy choice. Also, when possible—as during my most recent road trips to Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Grand Canyon—I enjoy hiking.
  • In your personal opinion, how did the program go? What benefits, if any, did it give you? (Good, bad, in the middle)
    The program was easy to follow, and the weekly reporting of progress toward my goal kept me motivated to continue.
  • What made you want to continue with the 6 week program?
    Self-motivation to succeed, and seeing results along the way, motivated me to continue even further.
  • This was a self-directed program which means you had to continue to be a self-motivator to continue this program – how did that go? Any thoughts? Was it easy? Difficult?
    I set my mind to walking 60 minutes every day, no excuses. And being able to count any intensity of walking—fast or slow—even to and from my car, made the goal all the more easier to achieve.
  • What were some of the barriers of the program?
    On several occasions, after a long day at work, and a late night concert, I had a hard time staying awake as I concluded my walking close to midnight.
  • How is your confidence level in terms of continuing to walk now that you have completed the WWE program?
    My previous goal was for 60 minutes per day, every day for 6 weeks. My new goal is for only 30 minutes per day, every day, until at least the end of 2015, then I pig out and set a new goal in my New Year’s resolution.


Concluding thoughts:

  • If you were to give advice to others who are trying to start a walking program, what would it be?
    Set a realistic goal and stick to it! Check in periodically (weekly is good) with a friend or colleague, note your progress, feel great, look fabulous!
  • What is your favorite word/phrase that you like to use to promote healthy living?
    Walk it off!


Walter WWE

Walter at his recent hiking trip!


 What a treat that we were able to learn more about Walter’s experience through his walking journey! Thank you Walter and all the staff members who participated the program – we could not have had a successful program without your dedication, commitment, and your genki spirit! As Walter said, “Walk it off!”

The material presented on this site is for informational purposes only and does not necessarily represent the opinions of Keiro, or its contributors. Readers should consult appropriate health, legal, or financial professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being.  Full disclaimer

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