iPhone Medical Emergency by Guest Blogger: Dina Furumoto

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By: Dina Furumoto, Intern, Keiro


Although there is a concern that many people are becoming too dependent on their smart phones, it always amazes me how helpful technology can be. Whether it is from applications (also known as “apps”) or having quick and easy access to the internet on smart phones, there are benefits from these technological advances. I am particularly excited about how smart phones can benefit overall health and personal well-being.

I recently received an email about how on the iPhone, one could store their medical information where it’s easily accessible in an emergency. Knowing that an iPhone is a popular type of phone and also that many people have cell phones, I found this to be a very beneficial and life-saving trick. It makes it easier to access personal medical information in an emergency..

Here are the step-by-step details for using this trick:

The feature is called “Medical ID” and gives access to medical information even when the iPhone is locked.

*Note: The feature is in the Health App, which is included with iOS 8 or higher.

Emergency Medical ID


1 . Set up: click on the Health app

Health APp



2 . Once the Health app is opened, select “Medical ID” on the bottom menu.

Inside Health App


3 . It will then take you to a screen where you can fill in all your medical information, including a photo, name, birth date, medical conditions, medical notes, allergies, reactions, blood type, and what type of medication(s) you are currently taking. You can also include an emergency contact list with multiple contacts. .You do not have to include all of the information. You can leave some blank, delete the information, or update it as needed.


Detailed information Health App

*Note: Make sure that you have the “Emergency Access” option on, in order for people to access your information when your phone is locked.

Show when locked


4. To access the information and check if it is set up: Go to where you would enter your passcode, then select “Emergency”, and then “Medical ID” – you can access the information here. This is particularly helpful when you are in an emergency by yourself – if a stranger or a paramedic comes and sees your phone, they can access your Medical ID app to contact your emergency contact or look at your medical conditions.
Passcode Emergency (1)Emergency Medical ID Jane Doe profile


This useful tip can help save your life in a medical emergency. It is fascinating to see how technology can enhance our way of living. Now I feel confident knowing that my medical ID is easily accessible in case of an emergency and also know how to access someone else’s information if needed.

Do you know of any helpful tricks on your smart phone? Please share with me in the comments below.

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About the Author:

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Dina Furumoto is a 2015 summer intern at Keiro. She graduated from California Polytechnic State University, Pomona with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (option in Criminology) and a minor in Political Science. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, embroidering, and staying involved in the Japanese American community.



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